Our Research

Mum’s Views only conducts research amongst pregnant women and women with young children. We specialise in this area of the market to ensure that we can offer an expert level of knowledge within this key and dynamic sector. 

Our expertise lies in quantitative research, allowing us to produce rapid, low-cost and representative responses to your brand, marketing, communications and product questions. From industry wide research projects to carefully targeted point analysis, we have expertly delivered bespoke research solutions to help inform and drive business change.  Research projects are primarily conducted through online surveys, sent to a carefully chosen sample of mums from our UK representative panel.

Owning a panel of 60,000 mums and pregnant women is what makes us unique. By pre-recruiting our panel we do not incur high fieldwork costs and consequently, we are able to offer Young Family market research for extremely competitive prices.

What can we offer?

We’re able to apply a number of different methodologies to help ensure the success of your research, depending on your project’s specific needs.

These are our most common examples, the list is not exhaustive. Chances are, if you need it, we can do it. So, get in contact and speak to one of our consultants to discuss your research needs in detail.

Advertising testing

Gain an understanding of the reaction to your advertising before launch, ensuring maximum impact upon release.

Brand pyramids and usage

We produce brand pyramids for over 600 UK Young Family Brands.  Find out where you are on the journey from awareness to loyalty.


Brand priorities

Our experts use weighted gap analysis to identify key brand attributes that mums say should be the brand’s top priorities.

claims research

We provide reliable and targeted claims research to land compelling claims that appeal best to mum.

concept/ design testing

Get new concepts or designs evaluated by your target audience to gain timely feedback into your NPD Lifecycle.

focus groups

Gain an in depth understanding of your audience’s views, beliefs and behaviours. Put your products in mums’ hands!

home user tests

Selected panel members try your products at home and give detailed feedback to help in readying the perfect product for launch!


Gain instant, low cost answers to
burning questions. 
Question today … Answer tomorrow!

Price sensitivity analysis

We use Van Westendorp and Gabor-Granger methods to calculate market share change and profitability at differing price points.

pr research

Know who to target and how to target them. Develop effective communication  with your target audience and get the most out of your PR campaign.

sampling effectiveness

We have extensive experience in measuring the impact of product sampling to help you understand the effectiveness and returns on your sampling program.





Potential sample selected from our panel according to your target market



Respondents are sent an email and/ or SMS text alert telling them they have a survey waiting



Respondents log into the web survey site and fill in the survey online



Data is captured automatically and is immediately ready for analysis and presentation





Responsible research

Please note, research conducted on behalf of specific clients is confidential to you and is never duplicated or reproduced elsewhere. 
We carefully follow MRS and GDPR guidelines.

Mum’s Views Ltd is an independent company with no affiliation to any other company in the Young Family market.  We do not promote, market or sell any baby related products and are committed to providing an independent view of the young family market based on the opinions of pregnant women and new mums.